Who We Are

QUNI is a network for disabled folks, queer folks of color, and women of color who are ready to
co-create spaces where we affirm and celebrate each other and love Jesus with all of who we are.

Black, Indigenous, Asian American, and Latinx Disabled folks

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer, Gender Queer, Non-Binary folks of color

Black, Indigenous, Latinx, and Asian American women and femmes

People who live at the intersection of multiple ones of these identities

White supremacy, heteropatriarchy, and ableism have harmed us all.
We have not given up on Jesus, but we are desperate to reimagine community and following Jesus in life-giving and liberative ways.

Quni is a place where we can find community, experiment, and explore together.
Quni is us, and Quni is you: We invite you help us in the work of building sacred community.

Quni is a place for us to experiment, gather, learn together, and co-create spaces that we think could be life-giving to us. What we do will be shaped by you and will evolve as we learn and grow together. But to get us started we have

A gathering for disabled POC to connect, theologize, and imagine church in new ways.

A podcast where we imagine and dream together about what church and community could be for us.

Our work as a community is to imagine and live in to new ways of being together. Instead of hoping for the bare minimum, we want to start to dream of healing, luxurious, connective life giving spaces. Since they will be full of humans, they will also be a bit of a mess, but hopefully a life giving mess.

Eventually we hope that teams of people will consider creating more permanent communities and spaces to gather. Those might be called churches or something else. Whatever helps us connect to Jesus, creation, and each other.

Erna Kim Hackett

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Karla Mendoza

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Rose J. Percy

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Erica Ramos-Thompson

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